The ‘peed in class’ story of a classmate


Playing the game, ‘Know Your Peter’ with a listener


Sound EFX Theater where listener does the sound effects


Moron Jeopardy – Jonny Trebeck with the perfect contestant


Morning Show ‘Jingles/Songs’ from ‘Oral Creations’ (about 4:00 each segment)

Songs and jingles for my own, as well as other morning shows around the country with my ‘Oral Creations’ business… You may not recognize the names or stations, but see if you can recognize the songs I did… Lots of different kinds and had a blast doing them.. as well as a few originals.. All voices (except the female voice in ‘Hit the Road’ jingle)

Oral Creations Part 1

Oral Creations Part 2

Oral Creations Part 3

Oral Creations Part 4

Oral Creations Part 5

Parody Songs…

Snippet of Some of my parody songs in a 4:00 montage…

Mr Bo Jackson – Tribute to BO for Raiders and Royals

Kathleen – CBS’s Kathleen Sullivan got divorced.. Described man she was looking for… I figured I’d give it a shot!

Parody Bits and…

‘Andy Looney’ comments on ‘Fishing’

Radio Show Clips

Fun on Power 98 Guam

Oldies 1073 Lost Listener

Hope you enjoy!